the muse mixer™

This exclusive 1-hour body rub experience is one of MUSEs most popular Premium Session options! Perfect for all massage enthusiasts, from the first-timer to experienced veterans, it's sure to leave your heart racing, while pushing your boudaries of Standard Session expectations. Enjoy your choice of 3 highly skilled MUSEs, each devoting 20mins to your ultimate pleasure sensations, encompassing a few minutes of seamless overlap as your next MUSE enters, and the spine-tingling gratification continues...The MUSE Mixer™ will leave you breathless and addicted.

$240 all inclusive/60min session with your choice of 3 different attendants for 20 min per attendant



duo sessions


This Premium Session is the epitome of doubling your fun-factor. Adding a second MUSE to your Standard Massage body rub session will enhance your visual and tangible senses two-fold. Experiencing a duo at MUSE will get your pulse racing and your imagination's sure to satisfy even the most discerning customer.

$220 all inclusive/30min session, your choice of 2 attendants
$440 all inclusive/60min session, your choice of 2 attendants



feature sessions



The hottest new indulgence meets maximum creativity...NEW ~ Feature Sessions @ MUSE! This latest addition to our Premium Sessions menu delivers the next wave of MUSEs cutting-edge service offerings. This inventive new concept is designed to delight every visitor's deepest desires & fantasies, rich with refined skills & attention to every detail. Each of these Feature Sessions will entice any hot blooded persons's raw erotic curiosity & primal need for variety. And just when you think you have satisfied your wish-list, MUSE mixes it up every 3 months with a new Feature Session! Delightfully keeping you on your toes through brand new sensual experiences!

Our Feature Sessions are available with any of our breathtaking Muse attendants, as each of our seductive ladies have gone through extensive training & technique development. Feel free to request our current Feature Session when booking an appointment or walking into the spa.

For details & information about our current Feature Session, Click Here or Contact Us




the backstage pass by MUSE™


Due to popular demand our Prostate Massage Health session The Backstage Pass by MUSE™ session is now permanently available as one of our Premium Sessions at MUSE!

When was the last time you felt raw spine-tingling sensations combined with intense new levels of touch leading to better prostate health? With The Backstage Pass by MUSE™, that moment is NOW!

The BSP is an extraordinary new creation by MUSE and a must-try for every man! With growing awareness of men's health issues, our sensational Muses have been extensively trained to deliver this exclusive & powerful prostate massage session flawlessly. This 30, 45, or 60 minute experience will sky-rocket your internal & external pleasures to enlightening new heights! Come dive into this irresistible blend of blood-pumping techniques, testosterone raising touches, and illustrious sensations via this body rub treatment!

$120 all inclusive/30min session
$180 all inclusive/45min session
$240 all inclusive/60min session




H2O by MUSE™

When the 3 elements of H2O combine, the results are wet & wild! This Montreal-inspired body rub massage session delivers 3 amazing components with 3 gorgeous Muses!

Beginning with your 1st Muse, a 15min soapy-style shower massage will cleanse & tease your body, preparing your body rub treatment for the remainder of the hour. Your 2nd beautiful Muse then indulges you in a sensual 30mins of mind-blowing fun. Followed by your 3rd stunning Muse taking over for 15mins with a tension releasing shower treatment to finish! Brought to you MUSE Mixer™-style, get ready for a wet & wild 1-hour ride!

$240/60mins all-inclusive

Aqua by MUSE™

It's time to get wet & wild @ MUSE!

Have you experienced our huge NEW state-of-the-art showers?‎  Gentlemen, we have created for you, AQUA by MUSE™ ! The hottest shower massage/body rub session on the planet!

Take all your aquatic fantasies, your favourite gorgeous Muse, and just add water!! From start to finish we invite you to bathe in luxury, sensation, and new heights of pleasure...AQUA will leave you breathless, speechless, and begging for more. It's time something very sexy hit the showers!

$140/30mins all-inclusive
$200/45mins all-inclusive
$260/60mins all-inclusive


The Edge

A Muse and Diana collaboration

A 45 min duo session that is designed to keep you on the Edge of the table

$340/45mins all-inclusive